Silicone Renders

We carry out all types of silicone render work in a large variety of colours and styles.

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Silicone Renders

Silicone finishes are highly modified systems that bring ultimate flexibility. Created for application to render carrier boards and on sustraes where adhesion, flexibility are paramount. the high performance , breathable system provides durable protection from the harshest of weather conditions , keeping maintenance to a minimum. this finish comes in a wide range of colours.

Featured Silicone Render Job

We have given a lot of detail of this large rendering job of a home in Harrogate. Click the button below to view details of this extensive rendering job.

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All Work Guaranteed

We are so confident of the quality of our work that we also offer a 15 year guarantee for all work carried out. We use only the best rendering and dash products. The manufacturer’s life expectancy of the Johnstone’s product, which we use for many jobs is 30 years, 15 year warranty.

Over 15 years’ Experience

We have over 15 years’ experience in the external coatings industry. This means we know the best products, techniques and tools to produce a very high standard of work.